Managers' Development Programme


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What you'll get:

  • A welcome & introductory email, guiding you to set your intentions with your manager on this course
  • A half way 'How's it going' check
  • Continued support form the MPL team
  • We'll be in touch at the end of the Programme too to share feedback

Your Manager will get:

  • A login link to their own course portal
  • A welcome & introductory video
  • Intention setting questionnaire which we will work to
  • Access to a new module each month for six months
  • A LIVE online coaching call each month for six months
  • Helpful worksheets & downloads to keep them implementing what they learn here

What People Are Saying:

Since starting this programme, my team’s productivity and progress is going up, consistently, month on month. And not just by a few percent! It’s significant. I’ve got my team into a really good position. Everybody knows what’s expected of them. Everyone is looking at their performance, and looking at their goals. I’ve shared my knowledge with other team leaders in the business, and they are starting to implement change in such a positive way throughout the whole company. On a personal level, I’ve gained confidence, I’ve become more direct and clear with my expectations. I feel like a manager now, and I can also manage upwards to my boss effectively.

Ryn Moser - Chief Language Officer, Supertext

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